Round Batts-Shelves for the kilns

Πυρίμαχα Πλάκες - Πυρόπλακες Στρογγυλές (2μισοφέγγαρα)

Πυρίμαχα Πλάκες - Πυρόπλακες Στρογγυλές (2μισοφέγγαρα)

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Temperature microprocessor controllers, made in Germany, from Bentrup 9 programs start later automatically control over the temperature increase soaking control over the final temperature soaking control over the temperature decrease the controller can be locked


Kiln for testing, with controller, made in Germany by Nabertherm, with CE, silent, 1-phase., Power: 1,6kw Volume : 16lt. Dimensions: 28cmΦ Χ H23cm Weight: 22kg. Max temperature : 1300oC